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On-Site Training for
Managers and Staff

This training, held at your foodservice operation, may encompass a brief review of proper handwashing, or a lesson on thermometer calibration, or a reminder on proper cooking temperatures. As well, more detailed training is available in all areas of food safety and sanitation. The goal is the prevention of foodborne illness that is achieved through good personal hygiene, implementation of time and temperature controls and
proper cooling procedures, as well as many other components that follow the flow of food.

Are you getting ready to open a new restaurant or other foodservice operation?

We can help get your staff prepared by providing basic food safety and sanitation education.

ServSafe® Food
Protection Manager Certification Course

This is a nationally recognized training course from the National Restaurant Association. This 8-hour training program includes testing and certification in order to be ServSafe® certified - available in English; Spanish and Chinese available in Southern California.

NSF HACCP Manager Certification
Training Course

Provides certification in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points in a comprehensive, hands-on training format. This is a 16-hour course with a pre-requisite of ServSafe® or other comparable food safety training program.