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The Value of our Food Safety Audit is Clear
The main goal of our food safety audit program is to identify food safety and sanitation issues and provide methods to improve procedures or employee behavior to minimize risk and liability. You benefit because we work to meet your unique needs, provide applicable solutions and develop a partnership that maintains the highest level of food safety and sanitation. Protecting your customers from foodborne illness protects your operation’s reputation and business.

Our comprehensive program is a proactive approach to health code compliance before the health inspector arrives. As well, the auditing process is based on the 2017 Food Code and industry-wide best practices.

The audit helps foodservice operators transfer knowledge into practical, hands-on solutions to critical food safety issues. As well, it can be seen as the next step after ServSafe® training, delivering a tangible return on your training investment.

The Audit Service:
The food safety audit is conducted in an easily understandable approach that follows the flow of food from receiving to service. We encourage management and staff to accompany us throughout the audit, as the process also serves as a valuable training opportunity and “hands on” experience. The audit is conducted at the time of production in order to see a variety of preparation and service components. It is suggested that the audit be unannounced in order to see true-to-life situations and performance in your operation…this way you and your staff will be ready for other unannounced visitors.

At the conclusion of the audit, a written report is provided that details all areas of compliance and serves as an important tool for review and improvement. The audit report identifies priority issues requiring immediate attention and non-critical issues aimed at improving food safety and foodservice quality.

Scores for each compliance item are based on level of importance, with more weight given to those items that are immediate risks to food safety. The final scoring provides a guideline for your overall level of compliance. The goal is to score 90% or better. It is important to note that some owners choose to tie the audit scores in with management and/or staff reviews and bonus structures.

The frequency of the food safety audit is, of course, your choice. Generally, audits are conducted on a quarterly basis. This allows staff enough time to make significant improvements but not too much time to allow for loss of information. We will work with you to create an audit schedule that works best for you.

Additional Benefits:

Food Quality~
Time and temperature control not only affects food safety, but also greatly affects food quality. Cooking food to a temperature that is too hot can greatly reduce food quality, leading to overcooked and unappetizing food items. Not cooking the food to high enough temperatures can result in foodborne illness. As well, food that is out of temperature is also displeasing to your customers.

Waste Reduction~
Storing food and food supplies in a manner that allows for effective rotation is an effective method of reducing waste. CNS/FoodSafe™ provides essential guidelines for dry and cold storage in order to make sure your investment in food is not wasted.

We provide assistance with these issues
and many more.