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Comprehensive Written Reports
In addition to the scored audit report, we can provide you with a detailed written report that identifies priority and critical issues, lists improvements made from previous audits, and details not only what is out of compliance and why, but how to correct all issues.

Web Based Reporting
Reporting is available in order to monitor benchmarks, to track scores per each compliance area and to provide a comparative analysis of past audit performance.

Foodborne Illness Reporting – 24 Hour Hotline
This service is available to all of our clients. It includes free assistance with investigation and reporting of foodborne illness complaints, including interviewing the customer for relevant information.

Customized Signs and Logs
A variety of signage and compliance logs are available in English, Spanish and Chinese. Other languages are available upon request.

Bacterial Testing
We provide bacterial testing of food contact surfaces and equipment to verify sanitation procedures. Food testing services are also available.

HACCP Program Development
We customize a HACCP program to meet the unique needs of your foodservice operation. HACCP training is also available.

Data-Logger Testing
Designed to verify time and temperature controls.

Allergen Training
Between six and seven million Americans suffer from food allergies, and it is estimated that 150 to 200 people die each year from the most severe allergy reaction – anaphylactic shock. Since there is no cure for food allergies, avoidance of the offending food is the only way to prevent a reaction. Let CNS create a customized Allergen Training program for both your front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house staff.

Standard Operating Procedures
We develop standard operating procedures for every level of your foodservice operation. These procedures are designed as a comprehensive base for food safety and sanitation and are a critical component for implementation of HACCP in your kitchen.

Recipe and Menus: Computerized
Nutritional Analysis

Computerized nutritional analysis is available for all recipes and menu items. As well, we can provide HACCP formatting for your recipes that identify critical control points.