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Consulting Nutritional Services has over 25 years of experience providing a comprehensive range of nutrition related services to the public sector:

  • Senior Nutrition Programs ~ We provide oversight of nutritional services to the City and County of Los Angeles.  This includes food safety auditing of all meal sites, caterers and central kitchens; menu development; menu analysis; nutrition education development and presentations; staff and volunteer training and specialized program development.
  • Menu Development ~ Development of menu cycles to meet special dietary needs and requirements.  The focus is not only on menu requirements but also includes client satisfaction evaluations and compliance reviews.
  • Menu Analysis ~ Computerized menu analysis is provided based on current recipes and menu cycles.
  • Specialized Nutrition Programs ~ Creation of programs that meet special dietary needs to include group presentations and training materials.
  • Standard Operating Procedures ~ Development of operating procedures that focus on all areas of program needs to includes administration, caterers and central kitchens, senior dining centers and related services.
  • Professional Staffing ~ CNS staff consist of trained professionals with many years of professional experience.  Most staff are registered dietitians.